Headquartered in Nishi Ward, Osaka, NTN Group was established in Japan in 1918. NTN Bearing is one of the world’s comprehensive precision machinery manufacturers, and NTN is a leading bearing supplier for the industrial and automotive markets. NTN is also a leader in the development of precision equipment for cutting-edge fields, supplying products to many different industries, including automotive, construction equipment, wind energy, steel and paper mills.

Our philosophy is to provide the right bearing for the right application and reflect the lowest prices on our many NTN bearing product lines. We are a full-service supplier of NTN bearings, offering product sales, repair and support services. NTN bearings are composed of advanced high-strength materials that not only build on their already strong performance, but allow them to be deployed in a wider range of applications.

Our product lines are designed for a variety of high-performance applications, from electric motors, transportation, and public transportation systems to food processing, construction and mining. These bearing applications require reliability, corrosion resistance and the ability to offer multiple sealing options.

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